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the seasons of hydrangeas

the seasons of hydrangeas follows the story of falling in love for the first time, told through the colors of the rainbow. With quirky play-on-word titles like "peachy keen," "beet red," and "tickled pink," this story of adolescent love is heartfelt, full of emotion, and playful with word choice and storytelling. Similar to how hydrangeas change color throughout the seasons, love transforms and grows over time; these poems catch the beginnings of how it feels to be loved for the first time.

I am so honored that my debut chapbook, which I wrote in the summer of 2020, has been published by Audience Askew!

 From what started as pandemic writing workshops to three years later still finding weekend mornings to meet amongst three conflicting schedules, my old high school teacher turned writing friend Tara Iacobucci and best of friend, writing confidant Benjamin Connor showed me what poetry could be; without them, I’m not even sure I would have discovered, and then chosen to study, poetry. They have changed my writing life, by which I mean: they have changed my life.


To the publications that accepted some of these poems in moments when self-doubt was high, thank you. To WACK MAG, for publishing ‘knitting’ in 2021 and ‘lay it out in lavender’ in 2022. To Press Pause Press for publishing ‘nourish’ in their Midnight Snack segment. And, of course, to Audience Askew for taking a chance on my work. After two years of submitting, I had begun to lose hope that this collection would ever see the light of day. Thank you for proving me wrong.

I hope you all enjoy- and fall in love all over again. 

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